The greatest thing to know about Auto Insurance in Texas

It’s hard not to get excited about new places to see and explore when you move to a new state. However, even though you’re itching to get out there and hit the roads to begin exploring, you don’t want to forget about getting auto insurance to comply with state mandatory driving requirements. Besides getting your auto insurance squared away, you’ll want to learn a bit about driving and weather conditions in addition to oddities that may make this new state a bit different from what you’re used to.

If you’ve just recently moved to Texas, you’ll soon realize just how very large the state really is. Texas is the second largest state in land mass, has 80,000 miles of state roads and requires auto insurance. Houston and San Antonio are two of the largest cities in the US, which of course means lots of people, traffic, accidents and road rage. At any given time when crossing Texas, you could find yourself navigating through deserts, forests, grasslands, prairies, mountains and coastlines, which can all require essential driving skills and adequate auto insurance coverage. And if you really want a good deal on your insurance you can get cheap car insurance from

Unlike many other smaller states, cities and towns in Texas are fairly far apart. It’s not unusual for you to drive for hundreds of miles and not see a sole other than herds of cows, horses and the occasional antelope. If you love to cruise and explore, now would be a good time to add towing and car rental coverage to your auto insurance policy just in case you need them.

Driving in any state requires you to know the laws, keep your wits about you and make smart decisions fast. Texas isn’t any different in that respect, however, they have extreme weather conditions that may test your driving skills to the limit. Weather can be unpredictable with pouring rain, high winds, tropical storms, hurricanes, flooding, snow or even icy conditions. If you’re not good at driving in these conditions, stay off the road to avoid collisions affecting your auto insurance.

Unlike other states, Texas has an extensive railroad system for transporting people and livestock. The state has light rail systems in Houston and Dallas, commuter rail services in Dallas and Fort Worth and Amtrak passenger services through some portions of the state. You can avoid making an auto insurance claim if you’ll just take the time to learn about railroad safety and railroad laws.

In all likelihood, your old state may not have had much trucking, but Texas drivers find themselves sharing the road with many long haul truckers. Recent oil discoveries have increased the numbers of trucks on the road and you need to be ready to deal with huge, powerful trucks on the highways and freeways.

To avoid filing an auto insurance accident:

• Never pass a truck on the right, and give them ample room to make their turns.

• Tailgating a truck is extremely dangerous and reckless. Slow down, large trucks can’t see your car when you’re that close. You’ll get to your destination just a bit later, but you and your car will be in one piece.

• Don’t cut off commercial trucks and expect them to stop. Fully loaded trucks traveling at highway speeds of 85 mph just can’t stop to avoid hitting you.

In addition to dealing with railroad crossings, weather conditions and highway driving, you’ll want to make sure that you have comprehensive auto insurance that provides the coverage you need. The state of Texas holds drivers financially responsible for any types of accidents they cause. As a driver in Texas, you must legally purchase minimum liability auto insurance to drive in the state.

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