Theme – Innovation

We miss being kids because in small people everyone tells us that anything is possible and that we can be whoever we want to be. Today may seem like a lie, but if you look closely at the smallness, it's right in our perspective. 

We live in society and society itself has to predict and understand itself and how could it, with so much individuality on the loose?! It was resolved in defense mechanisms, uniformity, with instruments such as schools, religions, jobs, any and all social and cultural groups that fight for having a common integrity/identity. She did, and we can't take it the wrong way! 

But what does that do to our creativity? How do you shape our spontaneity? Our blessed/bloody childish innocence? We have moved from an environment of possibilities, adventure and discovery, fearless, valued and loved to a sudden arena of gladiators, inhibitors and tremors. From the center of the world we have moved to another number surrounded by increasingly complex and tiring numbers. The will to lead passes the will to follow, the brilliant ideas give way to standardized questions and answers. 

Phew, what weight does this to support itself!… 

Let's go back to the beginning, smallness is only in our perspective. We can look at a lamp and see the most mundane object imaginable. 

Let us now look at its individuality, the genius of the bearing that, despite touching both poles, was built to integrate perfectly. Like us, it contains luminous agents, these when stimulated, quickly fill the darkness and clear the fog of uncertainty. Like us, it has always been an icon of innovation and uniqueness.

Let us now look with renewed light, to our own individuality…

text by Diogo Bastos, @diogo.bastao

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