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It is 2021 and the word that most ringing in our ears (besides covid-19), is sustainability. There are no excuses and every day there is more information about the damage we have done to the Planet. 

But, after all, what is this sustainability?

According to the dictionary priberam of the Portuguese language, it is a model or system that is able to maintain or conserve.

There is no secret recipe and I would even say that there is no first step in starting this process of being more sustainable. We can start wherever we want, whenever we want, and of course if we want to!

Our journey can start with small gestures such as rethinking the actions we take every day: by putting a container of water to heat the bath we can save about 10 liters of drinking water per day (300 liters of water/month and 3000 liters/year), per person. Turning off the devices we have on stand by (mobile phone chargers connected for an entire night, computers always plugged in and dryers in the socket are some examples) consumes up to 10% of household energy consumption.

But of the most impactful decisions of all, it's how we choose to consume – as consumers we're choosing (and voting) on products/companies that have a fairer and more sustainable voice.

When we begin this journey, we think of more effective practices that are less harmful to the environment (and, to be honest, to our portfolio). Gestures that are intended to be simple and feasible, but when put into practice, it seems that all effort is little and unattainable.

This is because we have become more aware of the disposal of tons of resources (not only plastic but also water, food and textiles) and we want to end this cycle alone, which will hardly be possible.

Fortunately, this cause has had more and more supporters and it is even possible to find pieces of art made with various materials: fabrics created from orange peels; footwear with coffee grounds, mushrooms and even garbage caught on the shores of Portuguese beaches; even spider webs are now an alternative to silk… and all this done in Portugal!

Happiness depends on all of us. Thinking before buying and, fundamentally, buying to last, helps the wallet and the Planet thanks.

Text by Mariana Agria, @a_mariana_agria

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