If you are reading this text, it means that you gave opportunity to a Portuguese brand, created by two friends, that the goal is to create a movement in which we can give "voice" to life experiences, with organic fabrics, produced in the north of Portugal. 

The name WISACT appears at the junction of two words: Wise and Action.

We intend to empower with small/large wise actions. These actions are present from creation to production and, finally, to the use of our products. We idealize that our brand would be produced by certified suppliers, products made in Portuguese factories, 100% organic cotton material and embroidery and / or biodegradable fingerprint.


In addition, we have created a packaging tailored to us: Bags made with surplus fabrics from Portuguese factories. We picked him up where companies deliver the remains of fabrics waiting for someone to give them a new life.

That's exactly what we did, we gave them a second chance and also tips to reuse in your home and in your day-to-day, in a pamphlet that accompanies your order. 

What we want is to "give the voice" to many people. The blog is born in order to give life to our pieces and that they can walk side by side to a cause, thoughts and emotions. Each design is created by Portuguese designers, along with a text prepared by real people. This text can defend countless ideas. The most important thing? It's just that they're shared.  

And you can be one of them.

We hope to be able to count on your ideas and stay true to a wise action!

text by Maria and Mariana, @wisact

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